Career Development

01 Broad space for talent development

As the gem listed enterprises,company has a first-class production, research and development platform, equipped with domestic advanced production equipment, has a comprehensive talent echelon construction system, perfect career development channel, clear career development path, at present, the company is booming, offers many development opportunities for young people in all areas 

02 Perfect talent training management

Company set up perfect training plan system, internal special training and self learning, ensures that each employee to obtain plenty learning and growing opportunity.

Salary and Welfare

01 Comprehensive and attractive salary welfare system

Basic salary, overtime salary, perfect attendance, performance award, night shift allowance, monthly benefits, annual bonuses, length of wages,etc.

02 The comprehensive life safeguard

A. overalls b. free work meal, overtime meals c. provide staff dormitory with air conditioner, wireless Internet, bathroom, small kitchen, couples room, etc.Provide housing subsidies for renters.

03 Recreational activities

Organize regular competition for basketball, football, badminton, table tennis, singing and chess,also large year-end party , within the company, equipped with  gym, to enrich staff amateur life, expand the employees' interests.


Career Opportunities

Company has always been adhering to the business philosophy "talent as a fundamental, technology as the core, quality as the life, innovation as the soul" , the core values of "Dedication, Perfection", with the rapid development in China's car market as an opportunity, promote the product structure by technology innovation , optimize the product structure,strengthen the industrial chain integration through key parts innovation , improve product quality, promote the company competitive advantage, and shape the company brand image in the international market actively, strive to make the company become the automotive electronics industry scale supplier with global capabilities.


  1. Apply for operator station: 10:00 am/15:00 PM on Monday to Saturday , attend the interview in the company gatehouse (other jobs can resume first, waiting for the interview arrangement).
  2. In the process of applying, please consciously to follow the arrangement of field staff.
  3. Declaration: do not charge any fee during the process of hiring, welcome to supervise

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